Finishing the School Year Off Strong

It’s the time of the year that both students and faculty look forward to (as well as dread) — the end of the academic year! I just completed my third year of graduate school with great joy as I am only one signature away from obtaining my master’s degree, have found a dissertation topic that I love (as do my committee members), and I am anxiously studying for comprehensive exams in the fall quarter. Additionally, as fellow and former graduate students know, summer funding is always a cause for stress, but luckily I was proactive in procuring funding opportunities in the form of a summer teaching assistantship, research grants, and external fellowships. So I can knock summer financial worry off my ever growing to do list for the summer. On a personal note, I was lucky enough (thank you love) to have an opportunity to go home and spend some much needed time with friends and family in Bakersfield this past weekend.  The past several trips home have been during holidays which left little time to spend with all of my wonderful friends and family, but that was accomplished this past weekend.  As I prepare to receive feedback (and hopefully an approval) on my master’s thesis, I am taking the next two weeks off as this summer will be very busy (and hopefully productive) with many reading list items needing to be read and annotated for comps in fall and preliminary dissertation research needing to be started. So with all that said, this is a wrap on the latest post, but remember to follow me on Twitter @Dirk_Horn for the most up to date information. DMH signing off!

One Love, Dirk