Research Interest

Dr. Horn’s research interest include Latin American Drug Control Policies, Politics of Mexico and Latin America, International Political Economy of the Drug Trade in Latin America, American Foreign Policy, Politics and Policies of Medical Marijuana, International Political Economy of Organized Crime (Transnational Criminal Organizations), International Political Economy of Growth and Development, Quantitative and Qualitative Research Methodologies, and Race and Ethnicity in American Politics.

American Political Science Association Annual Meeting, Sept. 2011

American Political Science Association Annual Meeting, Sept. 2011

Dissertation Abstract

Two Paths: A Comparative Analysis of the Narco-economies and Drug Control Policies in Latin America—The Case of Mexico, Colombia, Bolivia, and Uruguay

The illegal drug trade has presented numerous challenges for many regions around the globe but none more so than Latin America. Some nations in Latin America have followed the U.S. and adopted a “law and order” approach in their attempts at combating the illegal drug trade while other nations have adopted a “regulate and treatment” approach that seeks to regulate the illegal drug trade and treat addiction as the disease that it is. This dissertation seeks to understand how different Latin American countries are combating the illegal drug trade.  Does a “law and order” prohibition approach work best for Latin American countries or are they better off adopting a “regulate and treatment” approach?  To examine how successful the different drug control policies are, this study seeks to analyze the drug consumption and production rates among the different Narco-economies of Mexico, Colombia, Bolivia, and Uruguay.  Moreover, this research project seeks to answer why some countries in Latin America accept Western-backed international norms when combating the illegal drug trade and why some countries adopt different norms.  Lastly, I seek to explore the impact each Narco-economy has on their local economies. The hope is to not only fill gaps in the existing literature but to provide Latin American policymakers the information needed to make any wanted adjustments to their respective drug control policies. A well thought out drug control policy is essential to Latin American nations going forward because a successful policy positively impacts regime stability in the region.


In-progress: Horn, Dirk “Are We Still Growing? A Re-analysis of Traditional Economic Growth Factors”

In-progress: Horn, Dirk “America’s War on Drugs: A War for Mexico’s Future”

In-progress: Horn, Dirk “Latino Group Consciousness and Political Participation: A Generational Analysis”

In-progress: Horn, Dirk “Where’s the Pluralism? The Lack of Methodological Pluralism in Political Science and International Political Economy”

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